Vision on market (problems)

Disconnect biochar market

We see a big disconnect between the biochar producers and end-users, which reduces the development of large-scale biochar production. Everybody agrees on the Carbon Removal aspect of biochar, however, there is a mixed opinion on the working of biochar. There is indeed no consensus. Every biochar, soil, and application is different! When the right match is made, biochar gives a significant value to ecosystems.
This complexity and challenge motivate us to solve the following problems of the biochar market:

– Potential biochar customers do not know about biochar
– Potential biochar customers do not know about the new market and technological developments
– Biochar is not a standard commodity which makes it complex to connect the biochar producer and end-user

Biochar not ready

Not all biochar producers do have their biochar focused and/or ready for selling it to the market. Following reasons:

– The producer does not have a full R&D in the selection biomass streams and achieving the right characteristics
– The producer does not create an application strategy – and it does not have any pilot projects running for convincing potential biochar end-users to purchase it, which leads to a lacking focus on which applications

Unused biomass streams

There are a lot of biomass streams worldwide that do not have a value scheme. These biomass streams are not yet competitive with other alternatives, which makes them a perfect fit for carbon removal via biochar. It does not matter where the CO2 removal takes place…