• We develop biochar opportunities at biomass waste stream (owners)

Dutch Carboneers helps biomass owners worldwide to produce biochar and create the corresponding Carbon Removal Credits. Dutch Carboneers provides a proper assessment of biomass and financial feasibility, consults on technology selection, offers training to staff members, prepares for and guides through EBC and C-sink certification, and takes care for sales of biochar as well as carbon credits. Dutch Carboneers develops long term partnerships, as they stay responsible for the project an organise all aspects with the stakeholders.

*Depending on the project case, we use different methodologies to verify the Carbon Credits.

    • We consult biochar producers to get their biochar ready for the market

    We consult biochar producers to focus on their biochar application (sales) strategy (including pilot projects etc.). When this strategy with appropriate leads is determined, we help to sell the total package of biochar and carbon credits.

    • We match the right biochar and applications for both biochar producers and end-users

    We help biochar producers to find the right customers that are applied to their biochar. Vice versa we can help the end-users to choose the suitable biochar for their solutions.

      • In general: we consult on the biochar market and carbon credit market

      Dutch Carboneers is knowledgable about: Biochar applications, Biochar market and industry, Biomass selection, Carbon Removal Market and Geographical possibilities.  Feel free to ask for an initial conversation. 

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