With nature for nature

In the past decennia’s we’ve burned so much fossil fuels, that there is 47% more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than before the Industrial Revolution. Global temperatures are rising, nature is rapidly decreasing and our planet slowly becomes inhabitable. Now is the time to turn climate change around.


To do so, we work together with a 100% solar-powered, carbon capturing ally, nature! Because plants can capture carbon dioxide with photosynthesis and transform this greenhouse gas into leaves, roots, and branches, they perform the most difficult task for us. They make the carbon dioxide graspable! However, if plants die, whether it is when you mow your lawn, autumn kicks in, or organic waste is thrown away, this fixed carbon dioxide gets released into the air once again.


That is where biochar comes in! Before plants decay, we collect the biomass and convert the biologically active biomass into a biologically inactive, new form of fossil fuel; Biochar. We work on different applications in which it will be stored in a solid form, for at least a hundred years, up to a thousand years!


When Biochar is stored in the ground, it will act as a permanent soil enhancer. Because of its structure, the water uptake capacity, nutrient exchange capacity and the microbial activity in the soil increases. So besides being a carbon sink, we applicate the Biochar for different soil applications.